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search engine optimization vancouver about usIf you are ready to take your business to the next level, get more leads, expand your customers base and make more money then it’s time to discuss whether we are a good fit. At Traffic Rush Search Engine Optimization we limit the number of businesses we work with in a particular market place or industry in order to give the best service. We know there are  a number of limited top places in Google so it only makes sense not everyone can be in that spot and if anyone tells you any different be wary.

We work with people who understand that branding and growing a business takes time, have a marketing budget, who are willing to provide basic essential information required for your seo needs and hand over the reigns for us to do what we do “drive leads to website for business”.
Once we receive application, we do a full site analysis, then give you with a full report, discuss your goal, form there we mutually decide if we are a good fit.
You will receive a monthly report, you will have access to us by email and a monthly call. We find most business owner have all of the information they need in the report, and as we monitor our clients marketing daily we know if there are tweaks we need to do perform.
By this time we will have discussed options and use a combination to build your online presence and drive you leads. We do all of the necessary work behind the scenes leaving you to do what you are best at and that is showcasing your skills and serving your clients as your business grows as a result. Sound Fair?
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