Email Marketing for Business

Email Marketing for Small Business

Benefits of Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the best ways for small businesses to communicate with customers. Gone are the days of direct marketing, which was actually less than direct as mail-outs were stuffed and sent to random people  Now small and medium businesses are able to compete with large businesses at a fraction of the cost, and should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing for Business

Build a Valuable Customer List – Your Asset

There are many reasons to use email marketing for business, but the #ONE is building a list.  While things can change, websites can move around in Google, even disappear, but once you have an email list you have the ability to contact your customers. You can provide them with information, products and services you may have for sale. A list is the single most reason you must start an email marketing campaign. If you think it is too much, then hire a Marketing Expert, because traffic “your list” is just too valuable not to have.

Getting Started is Easy

Email marketing is initially easy to set up. There are many companies that have a template system, so you can set up an account. You need a laptop/PC/mobile device and an internet connection to set up an auto-responder account with a provider such as, or to get started.

Email Marketing is Affordable

Most email marketing services offer a free trial or restricted free accounts. They offer various account sizes but most small to medium businesses use the basic affordable accounts to reach their customers. If you find your business list grows they will have accounts that match your requirements.

Direct marketing can be very expensive in comparison with email marketing, in fact some times 100 times higher. Email marketing is the affordable way to keep in touch with your market.

Email Marketing VS Traditional Advertising

Advertising in traditional media such as magazine and newspapers is very expensive. While is still may be effective for big brands, it is not for small businesses. Your customers Google what they want and if optimized you can be found in the search engines and as a result people can opt in for email marketing information. This is how to reach and connect with your customers.

Consumers May Prefer Emails Over Social Media

Many consumers prefer receiving an email over getting information via social media. Emails marketing can provide relevant information that the consumer wants. As a business owner you are able to reach your customers with offers and keep them up to date with information they want versus sifting through social media to find information.

Emails Can Be Personalized

In a busy world people appreciate a personal touch. The information you have collected on your subscribers will allow you to personalize your emails to reach out to customers in a personalized way, offer value and build trust.

Your Emails Can Contain Multimedia

You can use email marketing to share information, add your businesses personality and connect by adding videos, photos and music and valuable content into your emails. Email marketing providers like allow you to easily add multimedia into your mail outs in a few steps.

Privacy & Customer Feedback

Email marketing also offers a way for customers to give feedback in privacy There are many people who are not comfortable in sharing on social media so blending your email marketing with social media campaigns is a perfect way to reach all audiences.

Builds Relationships With Your Consumers

Where many businesses fail is in the area of follow-up. If people find you and do business with you, communicating with your customers on a regular basis is one of the best ways to maintain relationships and keep them as happy customers. It shows you care and your appreciation. It is also a reminder that you are in business and they will call you. Email marketing is a cost-effective way of building relationships.

Immediate Response   

Unlike other media, email marketing can reach people immediately and you can get fast responses. This can mean appointments and responses that could result in a business transaction or a referral for a new customers. Businesses can also monitor the marketing results from website analytics and email marketing analytics to know where to best spend their advertising dollars. You can gather information and statistics such as:

  • Emails opened
  • Emails unopened
  • Number of clicks
  • Unsubscribers
  • Engagement with content
  • Engagement with social media integration
  • Forwarded emails

Email marketing providers allow you to see who opened, clicked, un-subscribed on their email so you know and can learn about your market and improve ways to reach and connect with your audience.