Get Leads and Customers to Your Life Coaching Website

How to Drives Leads to Your Coaching Website

By Andrea Preece Online Digital Media

In order to have a thriving coaching practice you need to get leads to your website. Once they arrive you have the opportunity to convert leads into clients. While there are many ways to do market yourself most coaches don’t like the sales part and lose business as a result. After all cold calling is not that acceptable, and most people search  online for life coaches and services they want. This is great news for coaches; the traffic they get from search engines such as Google are actively seeking you. Which means they are “highly qualified buyers”.

get customers to your coaching website

This Means You Get to Coach Your New Customers Without the Worry of Being Salesy!

Optimize Your Website to Get Coaching Leads and Customers

When optimizing your coaching website to get traffic, special attention must be given when choosing keywords and search terms. You want to think like your customer and consider how they would perform a search when they type into their computer or mobile phone. Your websites content must be created and optimized for those keywords so you will show get in Google to get and found for those terms and get exposure you need. Here are several ways I suggest to attract customers – especially if you’re a coach.

Coaching Related Keywords to Attract Customers to Your Practice

Coaching Services. In recent years, people have searching for terms  such as “life coaching” or “executive coaching”. These terms are broad and with so many coaches online it  has been more difficult to get found in the millions of sites online.  Narrowing down specific niches has become far more relevant.

Keywords about your coaching title or service.With coaching being sought out in many arenas, life coaches have chosen specific paths and as people need help in all areas of life people are searching for more specific terms phrases such as ”life coach” “marriage coach” and “teen coach” “career coach”, many with a twist on those search terms as coaches and trends coin different phrases. For example if someone doesn’t care to call themselves a coach they may use terms like “business adviser” “nutritional consultant” and “dating coach” and even more specific such as “dating coach for women over 50”. When people type in these keyword phrases they can become as specific as they want. Which is perfect for coaches who specialize to attract their ideal customer.

Keywords on problems and challenges.Many people are asking for help to a solution or problem they want resolved , some examples may include keywords and phrases related to the problems. Some are “quit smoking in a week” or “lose weight fast” or  “should I leave my marriage”. People are always on the look out to for ways to resolve their challenges. If you offer this service and can help you are more likely to be found when you site content matches your clients needs.

Your name or brand. If people have heard of you or have been referred they may search your name, if you are known you and our website is matched to that when people search they will be taken to your site directly. But most searches aren’t that simple, when a problem occurs people want answers and they begin to search for what they need.

To get leads to your website its important to align what you do as a coach, have relevant search terms and keywords in your site content, so the information can be read by Google and be matched you to your clients.

As a coach you need to become clear on who you want to serve,what you do, and f you carve a niches or a few and get well know for those you will be not only seen as an expert in your field but you will optimize your website to attract customers .

Writing random coaching information is not enough, it will be difficult to be found so getting the help of an search engine optimization expert will turn a basic site into a lead generating machine.

How your Site is Optimized will be a game changer for lead generation. As well as selecting a niche, you can target locations and be the coach that serves that areas. Having a local business can serve you well if you decide to coach one:one of local group coaching. I have seen examples of successful coaches using keyword phrases such as “San Diego Marriage Coach”  which has targeted the location they serve as well as what they do. Others coaches have had much success with terms and ” Executive Coaches for Women in New York” and so on while others work online and use Skype so they can work from anywhere.

Clarity is the first step to choosing your search terms and an seo expert can help you narrow you niche and terms and strategically use the to optimize your website to get you found online.

There are many ways to tweak your site to boost your online exposure and drive new leads. By adding and/or including your keywords to your WordPress correctly is a great start to optimizing your website with out much hassle.
In additional a user friendly, fast, mobile friendly site will add to your Google score, along with social media to get you ranked higher where you need to be. When you own a coaching practice you know that clients are the life line of your business and you need to keep them coming. Old marketing just doesn’t work, using a Search Optimization specialist with bring your leads, giving you the opportunity to increase your revenue in so many ways.
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“There were too many great coaches leaving the coaching their profession because they didn’t know how to get clients to their practice. I couldn’t stand by any more when now more than ever the world needs coaches, because when people lives change for the better, the world becomes a better place for all” – Andrea Preece

Here’s to Getting  More Customers for Coaching Practice!