Get More Customers, Facebook Fans & Leads Offering Free Wi-Fi

How to Get More Customers Capture Leads with the Free Wifi Marketing Method

Imagine!!!! Turning Your Free Wi-Fi into a Lead Generating Traffic Getting Fan Page Growing Tool to:

Free wi-fi  that give back, its a win win for you and your customers:

Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Send Offers and Promotions

Capture Their Email

Grow Your List

Attract More Customers

Get Exposure for Your Business

Be the Local Hero…. and so much more

all by Offering Free WI-FI as you are likely doing – but this time you get the benefits. Attracting More Customers as Your Wifi is Turned into a Lead generating Social Media Marketing Tool for Your Business

Do you use “free wifi” to attract new customers to your business? Restaurants, hotels, garages, car dealerships and coffee shops use this service to bring customers in, but what do you get out of it.

Pros of Free Wifi

  • Brings customers that may have gone elsewhere
  • Keeps people busy while they are at your waiting at your service
  • ******Note – With Our Free Wifi Solution Customers Log in with Facebook Twitter, Email and you et their contact information and grow you facebook page for promotions******

Cons of Free Wi-Fi

  • Attracts non buying customers who take up valuable space
  • Costs you money with no financial direct return
  • Having staff answer questions and problem solving for people to log in
  • Gives you little in return
  • Log in Problems

What if We Could Change That and Bring Customers Back Again and their Friends

What is we could get their Facebook, Twitter or gather an email address as they logged in

What is you could use this information to reach out, send them promos, discounts, and promote your products and services not only to them but to all of their friends?

What is free wi-fi brought you a ton of new leads, contacts and new customers to grow your business?

Now It Can – As Marketing Agents we have the power to turn your businesses free wi-fi into a lead generation, money-making tool to grow your business and keep getting more customers. Bringing you visibility, the most affordable means of advertising with a massive reach targeting your audience.

At Traffic Rush SEO, we know marketing and we are up on very way to drive leads and customers to your business. That’s what we do.

For years people have been giving away free wi-fi and people have chosen business over those that don’t but now we have the ability to not only attract new customers to your business but you can use your wi-fi service to market your business.

Imagine being able to capture your customers emails, or to use your service they log into Facebook, now their friends know where they are, its has you business name and you can offer a 10{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} discount to a product or service and all of their friends will see it.

It’s time you put your “free wi-fi” to work, and not keep the customers you have happy, but use it to reach them time and time again and bring their friends to your business or service as new customers.

If you’re not using wi-fi for free, your loosing valuable customers and if you have it or going to get it make if work for you.

Contact us today and see how you can attract ore customers, their friends and family as you capture their leads with free wifi.

Never let another customer walk away without gathering their contact information, and you won’t even have to ask for it. That’s how they log in. More questions?

Contact Traffic Rush SEO – We drive you leads!

This can be set up for you quickly and easily, we even offer a free 30 day trial, why because we are so confident you will watch you customer list grow, you fan book page and your business exposure increase as you offer this win win wi-fi service.