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increase your ranking with organic trafficThere’s a lot more involved in being a search engine expert than understanding keywords. Many people think they know about SEO, just mention it and you will likely hear yes I know, you just use a ton of keywords on your pages and that will bring people. Not the case.  If you’re not sure what I mean, here’s an example of what some people think seo is. If you have ever been on Craigslist and been in the car section you may have noticed someone selling a Honda, the description is filled with every other car make available, thinking which ever you model car you are searching for you will land on their page. At one time that may have worked. But not anymore and especially in the search engines.

The goal is to grow your website naturally with organic traffic

Google and large search engines such as Yahoo and Bing want to offer value to visitors. If you want to get your website ranked in a valuable place for longevity then you have to earn that place, there are guidelines that must be adhered to and that means you chose quality relevant keywords sprinkled in a way that makes sense to your reader.

Major search engines have advanced intelligence and algorithms which read your website content and are giving a score to your site’s authority & rank, based on complex elements. Search engine experts keep up to date with the latest changes, ensuring your website is optimized perfectly, following the search engines needs that return quality and relevant results to your visitor.

The search engines determine your website’s keyword authority primarily on quality content and measure some of weight on how your information is shared, which may include, blog entries, comments, social sharing particularly when they are taking place on credible and related platforms. All of these activities are important for your website’s ranking, but to keep a balance, fulfilling Google requirements and providing value to your customers while managing social profiles can require a lot of hard work and consistency to build a steady flow of organic traffic placing where your website needs to be so you can attract enough traffic to show case your products and services. Surprisingly, most search engine marketer experts overlook the most basic steps of SEO; valuable content, architecture and following best practice guidelines.

Search engine experts know what works, they understand it takes time and patience to rank you top in the search engines,  where you can be found by your traffic. There is an organic process to build trust and earn a place in this highly sought after Internet real estate. While some companies claim they can get you ranked overnight it, you can be removed just as fast by not following the marketing strategies used by top experts who know. Top SEO experts value your business, your success is their success.  We hope you have enjoyed this article, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have,

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