Google Maps for Local Business

Get in the Google Maps for Local Business

If you have a local business, it is crucial that you are found in local searches.

If you are a local business its essential you get exposure by  placing your business in front of everyone who is looking for the product and service you have to offer. One of the things you may want is to be featured in your local map searches. If you are to be a feature businesses in the map section, Google is looking for businesses who have lots of exposure, provide accurate information  (i.e. name, address, phone number), which gives Internet user a user-friendly experience. To achieve this, businesses invest in marketing and search engine optimization for their local business. A local seo marketing company will work to optimize your online presence, getting you a lot of exposure by having you listed with all of the major online business directories. Once you are connected to these powerful directories you build authority as the local expert and gain trust in the eyes of Google and people who are searching online.

A marketing seo expert will guide you or create for you a solid foundation as they provide correct and accurate information is to all of the major online directories to build trust and credibility for your business. The way to achieve all of this is with local powerful listings connected to your local area. And as that builds your presence you will earn a place in the map listing. It is a prominent place and gives instant credibility to your business.

Google Map Listings

Local Business Google mapsExplanation for Map Placement

In this example on the left we can see the three key components of Google Map Listings:

1) Prominent Listing: A prominent listing on with an icon on the map and features the business name. The the three most trustworthy dental practices (in Google’s eyes) will have the prominent listing.

2) Basic Listing: A basic listing only features a red dot. There is no business name and gets mixed in with every other dentist in the area.  There is nothing to make them stand out in the crowd.

3) Prominent Exposure: The most prominent exposure is given to the three most trustworthy locations. This includes their business name, address, phone number and along side their map are directions, website links which make it very user-friendly. This is a powerful addition for local business for recognition.


There are several major publishers of online business information (e.g. Yelp, MapQuest, BBB, Yahoo, Facebook) to name a few. These directories hold great trust by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing as they aim to provide accurate business information for their online users.

Being listed in prominent directories is essential, they must have the correct information that represents your business. Depending on your search engine analysis and competition factor you may need to be places in as many directories available for the search engines to trust that they can get the correct information for your business and publish it in their maps.

For example if there are 48 major online publishers who have your business registered, and every publisher has the exact same information, the search engines can easily decide and confirm that your business information is correct, provides trust and value and will likely feature your business higher in the map searches and giving you a prominent listing space. That is what you want for your business. In fact many people will make a buying decision on these factors alone.