How to Get Clients for Your Life Coaching Consulting Business

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients For Your Coaching or Consulting Business

by Andrea Preece – Marketing Expert for Consultants & Coaches

how to get more customers for your coaching consulting businessWe’ve helped coaches, consultants & experts around the world attract their ideal clients, increase their income and gain amazing exposure using the following simple marketing strategies.

As a coach, I had so much to share, I wanted to reach out to people, help change their lives and as a result change the world. I had the knowledge, the skills, but I did have the customers flowing into my business.

The Mistake I Made! Like many coaches and consultants I kept adding; courses, techniques expanding,certificates in the hopes if I knew more I could reach more clients. But what I needed was a way to get exposure, so my new customers could find me easily and as pay me for my valuable service. But I was quickly burning out, frustrated and ready to quit after many years of investing time and money, so what was I doing wrong?

I Had No Idea to Market to Attract My Audience 

In many meeting with colleagues and would be coaches, there seemed to be a common thread, now no one fell short of expertise, passion and drive but the common thread was coaches are people, no one knew how to market their business, most had relied on handing out a few business cards, placed a few small ads and flyers hoping someone would find us and  become our client. Instead the reasons followed; there aren’t enough people who want coaching, people have no money all limiting and soul crushing belief’s that weren’t true. The real truth was many had no idea where to begin, let alone knew anything of marketing in today’s world. So how do you turn that around and get new customers?

Marketing for Coaches and Consultants

Since most coaches are not technical or marketing experts, they avoid it at all costs and sadly they struggle, financially and emotionally and quit before they even launch, as a result their would be customers miss out on what they needed but never found a coach.

“The Good News! There are Marketing Experts for Coaches”

I know you want to succeed, and the world needs what you have to offer, so here is a list of what you need to get found online, connect with your ideal client, so you can do what you love, coaching your new customer and make a living while you do it.

  1. Be Clear on What You Do  – Your “Niche” “Expertise” When you are very clear on what you have to offer, we can target keywords and search terms to match the people who are looking for you.
  2.  Website – Create or revamp your website to reflect your style and show case what you do, make it user-friendly and mobile responsive so people can reach out and make appointments with you easily.
  3. When you have a website you are one in millions, a seo marketing expert will move you up in Google so you can be found by your new customers.
  4. Get Engaged – sometimes interested people want to get to know you a little before they become customers. At minimum, have a FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn Account and you can make your own video or have one created to promote your business This way you can tell people about you, what you do, while sharing a little about you.
  5. Start a Mailing List – use Aweber, Mail Chimp and other services so you can grow a mailing list to keep in touch with your new and existing clients. People love to know you are thinking of them. Relationships build trust, while you share tips related to your business.
  6. Search engine optimization – expert is an investment in your business, you must be found in Google and larger search engines to be found – no more Yellow Pages, or newspaper ads, marketing has changed and the way people search for you has. When they have a problem they want to reach you quickly, and they find you online and your mobile devices.

There are many more ways to find and attract clients – these are the minimum you need to get the exposure you need to promote your self.

Benefits of Marketing Online

Expert Status – Once you know what your message is you become an Expert in that field, you can’t be everything to everybody, so be brilliant to your targeted customers.

Get Exposure – When you have an online presence you have opportunities to be found in Google and top search engine like Yahoo and Bing. This is where people find you! This is where you need to hire a search engine optimization expert.

Grow Your Business – When you have exposure, you have the ability to grow your business as big as you want to keep it to a size you want.

Work With Your Perfect Clients – People are now seeking you. The tables have changed, you are no longer scraping and begging for people to work with you, people who aren’t serious, don’t value you and don’t want to pay. Now you choose who you will work with.

You Make More Money in Less Time – Now you have exposure you can charge what you are worth. When you connect with clients who value your services they will pay your rates. Most coaches and undervalue what they do. If you chose to volunteer that’s perfect, but in the meantime you can make more money charging the people who are more than willing to pay for your service. The more you charge, the higher people perceive the value.

Save Time – Now you have a steady stream of leads you can manage your time, work less, charge more, and enjoy the time you have off. No more feeling frozen and anxious worrying about where you next client is coming from. With a marketing expert you focus in doing what you love.

I know by now you are saying this is all too much, but you don’t have to do this alone. I know coaches and I know marketing, this is what I now do full-time. I help drive leads to coach, consultants and service based businesses.  Marketing is an investment that can pay beyond you wildest expectations. Everything listed above is what I do (and so much more) from a creating a website, placing you in Google, with the goal to drive new customers to your practice by getting you online exposure.

I have been there, I and know how to turn this around. I would love to help you. While our services may not be for everyone I hope you have some idea as to how to get the word out and grow your business.  There’s no need for more courses, its time to get out and be found. If you would like to learn more please head to our discovery form, answer a few questions and I’ll be happy to do an analysis. Don’t be shy we all start somewhere. For most or you it will be here Apply to Get Started

To your success,

Andrea – Website Analysis