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Kelowna Website Affordable Professional Done for You Web Design

affordable website agencyIf you offer a business or service in Kelowna its essential as a business owner you have a website. 70{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} of people search online for business and expect to find you. If you don’t yet have a website or have an out-dated site we can change that for you with an affordable done for you web site. This saves you time, money and the frustration of trying to create your own.

Visit our website page and see how we can create a beautiful affordable website to market your business. We provide you with a clean modern fast, mobile responsive website that you can be proud of. Whether you are a small business owner such as a contractor or offer a service, our done for you sites will be a prefect starting point.

What Does Your Done for You Website Include:


  • Custom Private Label Template
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive Design (70{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} of people seach on their iphones – an essential feature)
  • Clean, Crisp Modern Design – No more cluttered designs
  • Essential Compliant Pages
  • Contact Us
  • Blog
  • Contact Form – so your customers can reach you easily (if required)
  • If you have a logo we can add or get one created

We focus on creating clean line, uncluttered, fast loading websites, responsive website (responsive means that your site will look great in people mobile phone).  Your website gives your business a professional presence. Once you have an affordable web site that you won, you can add to it, invest in search engine optimization and so what ever you wish as it is yours… no strings attached.

Click Here to Get Your Professional Affordable Done for You Website for Your Kelowna Business or Service.

Traffic Rush SEO is offers a complete marketing service, once your website is ready and as budget allows you may decide to have us add extra content, connect your website to a mobile service or have use optimize your website with search engine optimization so you can get found easily in the search engine like Google Bing and Yahoo.  But lets first get your website up and running for you Kelowna Business.

There are 2 Things You Will Require for your website so you fully own it and in your name –

  1. Domain (name of Your Business) or name of your new website, eg -South Kelowna Plumbers or Mary Jane Coaching, etc – if you are stuck for a name contact me, here to help! Click for register your Domain Here!
  2. Hosting – This is where your website lives, since this is your website you MUST host your site, so-called “free sites” of “build it yourself” platforms use their domain service and hosting, and if you leave you lose your website and have to start from scratch. Click for Hosting Here!
  3. Optional – if you choose a list and I highly recommend it get an auto-responder, this is how you build a list so you can contact your customers with promotions, services and bring them back to your website. Click Here for Your Auto-Responder!
  4. Mobile Friendly – mobile accessible since 70{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} of people use their mobile devices and can reach you quickly with a touch of a button. Consider this for an upgrade now or can be added later. It’s a one time set up and nominal monthly fee for web mobile service.

We are here to answer your questions, build you a beautiful site and if you require extra we can discuss custom options.

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