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How to Get More Customers in a Growing City

Marketing Agency in Langley BC

Langley is fast growing, as new residents pour into the City new businesses follow to meet the demands. In the past you may have relied on word of mouth, Yellow Pages and newspaper ads, but now you need to know how to market to maintain the customers you have and to attract new.

Old School Marketing techniques no longer work, so how do you  attract customers, grow a solid base and compete in the new world of marketing, advertising and getting customers.

Marketing That Works to Attract and Keep Customers

First let me share what no longer works:

When was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages, Newspapers or the local flyer, and even if you did you may have been luck to find a few ads scattered here and there for Langley businesses. But this is not the new way of marketing your customers are fast and savvy the want quick results and if they don’t find you as they do a quick search they head straight to your customers.

Marketing That Works to Get Customers

  • A fast user-friendly website that is optimized for Google
  • Mobile Friendly Websites so Customers can view your website on their cell phone
  • Great content that is relevant that meets Google’s standards
  • Getting ranked in Google and top search engine so you can get found first quickly
  • Social Media to Connect With your audience, social media builds trust and engagement
  • Presence and EXPOSURE!!!!

Depending on your business and your goals you will need a customized marketing plan for you Langley business, everything is focused on getting you new customers by EXPOSURE! If people can’t find you first in Google when they search potential lead is lost for good.

So if you need to get exposure to get customers who does this for you? You can’t spend years learning new skills that are ever-changing, keeping up with Google’s changes and algorithms. How would you have time to run your business?

That’s What SEO Marketing Experts Do

At Traffic Rush SEO we are search engine optimization experts who place businesses top in Google so they get found by new customers, so they get leads, grow their customer base and increase their revenue. First we perform an analysis of your website, and if you don’t have one, that’s where we’ll begin. Your website doesn’t have to be super fancy, it needs to be functional, optimized for speed, mobile friendly and meet Google algorithms to get ranked and placed top in Google using cutting edge techniques. This is how the new world of marketing works, people search on cell phones, tablets and search Google. This is how you get customers; they find you first, hit the button to on their mobile phone call or email and make an appointment or inquiry. From there you have the opportunity to convert you lead into a new customer.

If your ready to learn more, contact us today.