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Fraser Valley Marketing Agency SatisticsOne of the biggest concerns for business owners is how to get customers to their website and businesses. The Fraser Valley region which encompasses Chilliwack, Abbotsford is becoming a hot commodity with new residents and businesses flocking to the area for quality of life and the opportunity of starting and grow a business in the busy economy. In fact BC as far-reaching as Greater Vancouver area, into the Interior and beyond is seeing massive growth.

With jobs becoming a thing of the past people are embracing becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. As the world of work is changing so is marketing for to attract customers. With print media redundant, now is the time for digital media, advertising your business where your customers are looking. Google, large search engine using their smart phone, tablets, lap top and online media. This is the new world of marketing, and this is where you find your customers. 80{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} of people search for products and service online and whoever shows up top in the search engines will likely get the business and if you don’t appear there your leads and customers will be lost to your competitors for good.

Reputation alone is not enough any longer, customers are seeking convenience. Your customers want fast answers to their solutions, they live life via their iPhone, social media and rely on Google for their answers. This is where you need to be.

 Marketing Your Fraser Valley Business with an SEO Agency

We often get asked what do I need to do to market my business to get customers –

The answer is simple – you hire and SEO Marketing Agency

While some people may know enough to create a basic website and add a few keywords, seo marketing experts know what it takes to get your website ranked top in Google to set the online exposure you need for people to find you. This takes skill and a customs plan for each business. There are many factors that needs to be considered to place you in front of your customers as they search on their mobile phones and computers  for businesses and services the want.

Ranking your website doesn’t happen overnight and depending on your competition and what your search terms are will vary on ranking yo in Google along with other factors search engines require. They may not do them all, and in different variations but experts agencies know how to read your market, what you are currently using and what they need to do to get you ranked for exposure.

Here Are a Few things a Marketing Agencies DO:

  • Create or update your website to make it fast and responsive
  • Mobile Friendly, each day the numbers is smart phone increases as a way to do business
  • Keyword research, we know how your customers search and use tools to analyse these
  • Social Media (if required) to build trust and engagement
  • Relevant content regarding your product and service
  • Videos and media relevant to your service
  • Marketing experts use software and tools to monitors Google changes
  • Use appropriate linking methods
  • Branding for Business ( if you don’t have a brand creating a memorable brand is essential)
  • There are many other components a marketing agency uses

All with the goal to get you online presence, where you will be found by your customers. We drive leads so you have the opportunity to gain customers for life. This is how you grow your business, with a solid foundation and to generate the income levels you desire.

This is what we at Traffic Rush SEO does, we are an expert marketing agency who helps place you where you need to be so your customers can find you easily and ahead of the competition.

We work with a limited number of businesses as we never out source our services, offering the very best in-house service. Simply click on our Discovery Form and lets see if we can help your increase your business with SEO.

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