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Mobile Friendly Websites

Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Essential

How many people do you know that have a mobile phone, let me rephrase that have many people do you know that don’t? I bet the answer is pretty much everyone. People don’t only use their phones to text and makes calls they use their phones to search for products and services.  The question is, do you have a mobile friendly website so they can connect to your site quickly and easily.

People are on the go, they want fast results, if they are out and want to find a restaurant they do a quick search or looking for sz 8 shoes, where is the nearest store, or maybe they have sprung a leak and want a plumber fast! When the type in a search those who have their website mobile optimized will show up first and if their site is set up properly people can single handedly hit the button which will connect right to you, and if your a brilliant business you’ll even have a map to locate you quickly. Now that’s mobile friendly. So do you have a website that does the job?

Don’t Lose Business Time to Get a Mobile Friendly Website

If you have a website that’s a great start and if you don’t we can help you create one but either way it needs to be mobile friendly, if you its not you are loosing traffic to your competitors. We can take your site and turn it into a traffic getting, money making machine. Now there are many sites that say they are mobile responsive, but that simply means your website image can show up on a mobile device, however it does not mean it is connected to your site. And if not set up correctly will look distorted, cluttered and be a real turn off as your visitors will move on.

Each and every person that comes to your site whether via their computer or mobile is a potential customer for life, that means growth for you business and money in your pocket. So what are you waiting for?

How to Get Your Website Mobile Friendly?

First we’ll look at your website and see if it is set out well to show up on a mobile device, if it doesn’t we may need to do a few tweaks to optimize it. Next we will go to work will connect to a platform that will turn your basic site into a mobile friendly site, now you are powered up to  get more leads and you are set to make more money. And while we’re at it we’ll be happy to provide you with a free website analysis in case you want to discover how you can get your website ranked in Google and top search to get even more traffic than you imagined.

We are your local SEO marketing company located in BC. We help local business and services marketing their products and services online where people are searching. As we work online we can help you wherever you are; from Vancouver and Greater area all the way through to the Interior across Canada and International. No Limits! In fact wherever you are we can customize a marketing plan for your business, whether you need a complete overhaul to gain maximum exposure and online presence or you want to begin by optimizing your website making it mobile friendly.

Check out the video below and see why you need a mobile optimized website!

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Check out this Video  – Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

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