Search Engine Optimization How to Use White Hat

 How to Use Search Engine Optimization

best practices how to use seoAs search engine optimization is the way to market your business it helps to know how to use it especially if you’re considering tackling your online marketing yourself.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and irrelevant articles and over optimizing in hopes of getting found online. The key to optimizing your website is to be sparing, offer value to your visitor and staying op topic.

This guide is aimed at anyone interested in understanding Search Engine Optimisation, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Whether you are completely new to Inbound Marketing, or a seasoned seo practitioner, this guide will provide you with and understanding that covers the optimization spectrum. Even if you hire an seo agency it helps to understand how it works, why it needs to be performed carefully and helps you understand why it takes time to get traffic organically using white hat methods.

White Hat SEO – First let me explain briefly what “white hat” means – – simply that everything is done to optimize your site according to Google terms and guidelines, so you can obtain traffic organically and safely knowing that your site won’t be de-indexed or removed from Google.

Grey Hat SEO – There are some methods to optimize your site that is a mix of white hat with some tricks, such as using buying back-links that may boost your site in the beginning but as the get caught in Algorithms they can get dropped and send your site down with it. There are other not so above-board methods to used in an attempt to get faster results, a little more risky, falling into the grey area.

Black Hat SEO – We often hear of black hat techniques being used by unscrupulous agencies. These so-called companies are in it for a quick buck, they may charge less and promise the earth, they often out source work overseas or originate from Countries that know nothing of seo but have nothing to lose as once they have your money. This can be a very dangerous way to go, if the work ever get done you or if your site shows any indication of ranking it will get de-indexed or dropped quickly as there is no solid foundation and built with poor content, bad likes or even fake links. Without going into deep details, its bad new, to be avoided and one that gives many top quality agencies a bad name.

Search engine  optimization agencies are not all equal and since this is your business and our reputation we take our services very seriously. So lets talk white hat!

There are 3 Points to Understand About Optimization

Create a set of achievable goals

Setting a goal like ‘I want to be ranked number 1 in Google for a clothing store in three months. This is unrealistic, even the largest department stores with huge budgets take tine to get ranked, Following guidelines and earning your place in Google takes time. Like growing a successful business getting ranked in the search engines takes time. To set yourself up for success, come up with a realistic set of goals. Start with understanding who you are, what your offer and who your ideal market is, once you do that you can choose keywords and search terms that you will include in your content and connect with the people who are using those terms. As a result you will start to get found and as Google recognizes that you will begin to climb the search engine pages.

Inbound Marketing is about one thing and one thing only; converting traffic and gaining sales/ market exposure. Rankings are a factor, but by no means the most important one at this time. Set goals such as increasing web-conversions by 15-20{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} over the next six months. Depending on your product or service this is far more realistic and highly achievable goal. Having set yourself this goal, nest strategize how you are going to go about achieving this.

Everything must be relevant

Earlier we talked about grey and black hat and that includes web spam. Avoid these techniques at all costs use best practices to create a well-rounded and successful SEO/ SMM strategy. Everything you do from the code you write to your website content, and that includes images and videos must be completely relevant to the function of your website. Always remember when your visitor arrives on your site they want to find what they are seeking and the search engines know exactly what you are adding.

If you add an image, make sure that it accurately describes the image. If you write something in the meta data of a web page, make sure that it accurately describes the web page. In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing it is so tempting to add a few un-related keywords into this space or that space, hoping for quick results. This can considered keyword stuffing or over optimization. While you may get quick results, they get caught and as a result the penalties are potentially catastrophic. And Google know far than you think they do.

Less is More – Use Moderation

Like most things is life less can be more, all SEO and SMM tactics should be used in moderation. There is such a thing as over optimization. If any single optimization tactic is over-used, it will raise a red flag and send spam signals to the search engines. Because of this we recommend you add relevant sparing content. Focus on user experience and search engine requirements for best practice. Slow and steady wins t race, when you move too fast it appears as un-natural to the search engine.  As you add relevant, carefully optimized content your users will find your website, you will climb slowly but eventually you will end up where you want to be. Depending on your keywords, search terms and business it make take 4- 8 months to get optimal results, though you will get results each step of the way it may appear slow but the work behind the scenes will get you placed in the search engine so you get exposure,get found by your customers so you can make sales and offer your product and services. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

If you follow these guidelines this will point you in the right direction. As an seo agency we follow the guidelines, and remember Google is our friend they want the same for their search engine visitors as you want for your website, Value and a great experience. This is how you build trust and longevity for your business. If you would like more information or ready to work with a transparent white hat seo agency then contact us. Simply answer a few questions in the Discover Form and we’ll prepare a site analysis to see where we can help. And if we mutually agree were a fit, we’ll move forward to get you online exposure you need and get you found in Google and top search engines. Traffic Rush SEO Discovery Form