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does your website bring customers

Is Your Website doing What It’s Supposed to Do?

Many business owners have a website but does your site do what it is was meant to do? Websites are multi purpose, your site is there to provide valuable information for your customers about your business and service but what your site when optimized it is a traffic generating lead getting machine for your business. 

How Do You Optimize Your Site for Traffic

First it depends on the set up of your current site, if it has been professionally designed in very recent years the chances are it has some of the features that helps give Google what it want to help get you ranked and be found. If its older or poorly designed it probably lacks what want to show case on it search engine.

So How Do You Optimize a Site for Google

There are several things top optimize your website but there are certain requirements that Googles wants and expects if you are to earn a place on top pages. While we can’t cover them all as some are a little technical, here are a few of the basic that you MUST have.

  • A Clean Line Uncluttered Theme That Matches Your Business
  • Easy to Use by Your Customers
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly (Connects to Mobil Devices)
  • Fast Upload Time
  • High Quality Relevant Content
  • Images That Match Your Site Articles
  • Contact Form
  • Video Presence
  • Social Media
  • Header
  • Logo
  • And valuable organic links to power up your site

Why Optimize Your Site for Google?

While you are optimizing your site for Google, what you are really doing is showing Google you offer value for your customers; you are willing to do whatever it takes to give visitors the answers to their problems and you are the answer to their problems, whether they have broken shingles and they need to hire a roofing company, what to find a dental service for their kids or buy an item online.

When your site is clearly set up and optimized for the search engine it begins to get organic visitors and as it does Google pays attention, as a result you site will increase ranking, be moved up the ranks and easier to be found by the people who are looking for you, and exponentially as more and more people visit you get to climb even higher.  This is why its important to have your site optimized. 

Now You Can See Why Having Your Site Optimized for Your Chilliwack Business is Important

SEO “search engine optimization” involves quite a few behind the scenes details, as well as the ones we mentioned above. There are many ways to drive leads and we focus on keeping your business safe by attracting inbound and outbound organic links which increase authority and  trust and as a result site power.

How Do You Get Your Website Optimized?

You hire a reputable agency. While there are many companies that offering seo services many outsource overseas where people are untrained and work for pennies on the dollar. As a result you typically get poor, spammy links that can get your site penalized if not banned. We focus on organic traffic, because you are in business for the long haul and want success. Googles algorithms are constantly searching for what what’s real and eliminates the junk, to be avoided at all costs.

Traffic Rush SEO Online Marketing Chilliwack

At Traffic Rush SEO  your success is our success. We are a local Online Marketing Agency, while we market businesses in many ways including webdesign social media, SEO is the fuel we add to get you the exposure you need to get found by the people who are looking for you. If you are ready to learn more about our marketing services, contact us, we’ll be happy to check over your site, run a free analysis, optimize the one you have, create a new site, fully optimized and / or run marketing campaign to get you placed in Google and top search engines. Lets talk and if  we are a mutual fit we will we can move forward. 

We are located in Chilliwack in the corridor of the beautiful  Fraser Valley, and as we work from our trusty computer systems we serve, Vancouver, National and International Businesses.  We Drive Traffic to your business wherever you are located.

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