Social Media Marketing Helps Website Leads

Social Media Drives Leads to Websites

social media driving leads to websites

Most people use social media in some form, or are at least aware of it, but what about using social media to drive leads to your business website?  If you have never utilized it, I fully understand, there are people, my husband included who has never used social media in any form, in fact he doesn’t use a computer. He has worked in construction in whole life but he like many in his position coming to realize this is how potential customers are searching. People connect on social media platforms, to learn about businesses, get their latest updates and see if this is a business they want to work with.

How Do Websites Benefit From Social Media

Since 70{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} of people are engaging in social media businesses of all sizes are getting on board; creating Fan Pages and Twitter Accounts so they can place themselves right in front of their ideal customers base. When businesses provide engaging, educational, relevant content people not only share your information their friends and family giving your free advertising they are likely to go to your website. This is where you want the traffic to flow.

How Social Engagement Helps Website Ranking

As visitors who engage with your social platforms hop over to your website, see value, what they need and hang around there for a while this sends signals to Google, Bing, Yahoo telling them people like what they see. Once the search engine algorithms pick up on that activity, they are likely to reward by moving you up the search engines and as you climb you get a better place and get fund more easily. While social media has been utilized by large companies and brands it shouldn’t be ignored by small to medium or local business owner.

Can Social Media Help My Local Business

One answer Yes! If you’re a small to medium local business and you want people to get to know you, having a Fan Page for starters will help people connect with you. You can add pictures, articles and promotions and tips about your business and services to help add value for existing and potential customers. As people get to know you, this builds trust, especially when shared by a friend. It’s the new way of doing word of mouth advertising. You don’t have to have a huge following to help promote your business. Even 50 to a few hundred will give you the extra online presence you need for social proof and to help take leads to your website. Make it part of your marketing plan.

Social Media Campaign Tips

Here are a few tips to help start your social media campaign. First consider your market, who are they, their age, gender, do they have children, what are they interested in. Next consider what product or service you have to offer. Find a connection, for example if you have a pet store, post pet health tips, cute pet pictures, pet meme’s and then you can drop in the odd promotion or coupon. Consider the times to post, when are people most likely to see what you share.  Be consistent, appropriate, relevant to your audience, without You want to build trust and to be shown as an authority or expert in your area. The person they want to go to for advice and to do business with.

By now I am sure you can see the benefit of adding social media to your business marketing plan, it is an effective and affordable way to attract new leads, stay first in mind with your current customers and building a relationship with potential leads. I know you may be thinking this sounds like a lot of work, but when done properly, you can run your own campaign keeping in mind the tips above, but if you simply don’t have time or it’s just not your thing consider hiring a marketing agency to either set you up your initial campaigns or even have them run them for you. It’s time to shift your marketing from phone books and newspaper print, and time to invest where your prospects are searching.

Add social campaigns to a user-friendly, mobile ready website, and get ready to attract new leads for your business.

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    • Carlie James
    • May 11, 2016

    So what you saying is to get customers I need to get my site ranked in Google be mobile friendly so people can call me directly? I have been doing old school ads and wondering why I couldn’t get customers, I guess that’s all changed. Time for me to change, thanks so much for the great advice, ty, Carlie

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