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Why Use Video Marketing to Build Trust & Grow Your Business

Market Your Business with VideoIf you have a business whether its local or International video marketing is an essential way to connect with your customers, show them who you are, what you do and build trust and grow your business. People connect virtually and video is an excellent way to reach them. Think of commercials and their purpose, their end goal is to promote a product or service and to make you their customer, and yet they do not target everyone, they understand that you cannot be everything to everyone. They focus on a specific group of people, they play a certain type of music, use colors, images that create a picture of something you want in your life or want to get rid of (solve a problem) they build an emotional connection, evoke feelings, and as you connect they send you a message. Video marketing can do the same for your business helping you attract the ideal customer that becomes a good fit for you and your business and you create a relationship.

Videos to Promote Your Business

Now think back to the commercial example, as you watch you make a judgement you decide if you like or dislike the product or service and when used properly videos can do the same thing. So creating a business video shouldn’t be taken lightly, for example I know of large companies that still offer phone book style adverting and create videos for marketing business. While they charge around $1200 per video, they offer little more than a video camera walk through of an office or business, offer no atmosphere, no focus and may add a little background music and they are not optimized to ever show up in Google or help your rankings.

While there may be a video they do little to connect or showcase your business and they fail to optimize your video to get you ranked or attract a new customers. They typically so little more than show an image of the interior or exterior of your business and fall short of helping your business. But having a video created by a seo expert will be a game changer and will really help.

Search engine optimization has many moving parts and seo experts understand that marketing with video can be simple and when done properly a short 1 – 3 minutes can be created for your business, be fun simple, even with a white board deign simple to share with the customers who are looking for you.

Creating a video to market your business is really multi purpose, at Traffic Rush SEO, we look at your business, help define your audience and create a short simple video that not only connects to attract new customers but when optimized will boost your online presence and help your rankings in search engines such as Google. That is really the power behind video.

Contact us today and let us show you how a simple video can help rank your business, get you found and attract new customers. It is just one of our services to get you found, drive new leads so you can grow your business for optimal success.

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