Web Site Design Affordable Simple Small Business

Affordable Website for Small Business Owners

affordable we design for small businessYou have a small business or in the process or getting started, then you need a website. Most business owners buy more than they need and a simple designed website may be all you need for your customers to see you are a valid business and has a web presence.

What Size Website Do You Need for a Small Business

If you’re a start up or smaller business such as a contractor or offer a service, a simple few page website is typically more than sufficient for you to get started with an affordable website. You can always expand your site later as your business grows or add new services you would like to show case.  An affordable 5 – 6 page site is sufficient for most businesses, and some of those pages will include the compliance pages as required, at Traffic Rush SEO we supply those as part of your basic website.

What Do I Need on My Website?

First we get to know a little about you, once we know what business your in and evaluate your needs we will suggest affordable web site options. We’ll never over sell you and focus on what you need. Our Basic Website Package Includes:

  • Banner or  Header that represents your business
  • An article that covers what you do and what you offer written by a professional seo writer
  • SEO images that represent your business
  • Mobile friendly, essential for today’s way of doing business
  • A Professional theme (no free old school themes)
  • Contact information, including your phone, email and a contact form
  • Compliant pages as required by law

You will be delivered a website that you can be proud of at an affordable price.

We will require you to sign up for hosting and to register you domain. We’ll help you trough that simple process. T

Why Register a Domain and Get Hosting?

Unlike many websites creators, we build sites that you own, we build them, hand it over to you, this is part of your business and its important you own it and have control over it. We do not build template sites which are typically tied into expensive hosting plans and where the some so called free site builders actually still own the site. We build design and build sites for you starting at $495 plus your hosting (which is an annual fee by anyone who owns a site) and the cost of your domain.

Contact us today, lets get your business started with a professional, affordable website today!