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website web design done for you





Are You Ready to Have a Professional Looking Done for You Website?

affordable website agency Every business owner needs a website, your customers expect to find you online and a done for you web site could be the answer. If you don’t have a site you have likely avoided because you have tried building a site and find it too difficult, for a quote that was beyond your budget or you just haven’t had time.

Now you can have a beautiful current website created, affordable, done for you site that YOU OWN and delivered to you in 2 weeks. Whether you are a plumber, painter, offer a service or any business your website will help attract leads and present a professional business image. Unlike “free sites – which aren’t actually free as they are attached to advertising programs or build it yourself, which you don’t actual own either as the site is created on their platform, and once you stop the high monthly payment, you lose the website. You OWN your done for you website, no strings or attachments, so you can alter as you please and no one can take it away from you.

What Do You Get in Your Affordable Website

  • Customs Template – Clean Current Professional – Think Apple, Rolex – Timeless or Relevant to Your Business
  • Necessary Pages As Required by Marketing and Governing Agencies
  • Mobile Responsive Website – Essential as 70{fe8389ffdd8aaca48b5a077969ec01ec63eb8d7469cf91d5c5144f43d02ef5be} use people mobile devices to view sites
  • Website pages – About Us – Contact – Home and a blog if required
  • Contact Form – so your customers can reach you
  • We will add you logo (if you have one) or one can be created
  • You can opt to have your website set up for mobile (highly recommended) easy for customers to reach you
  • Instructions – simple easy instructions to use your new website

What We Require to Create Your Website

  • Basic information – we will send you a form for information required to create your professional website, such as your contact information, your industry and any extras (if required)
  • Domain – We will send you a link to click, so you can register your domain name (company name) approx $14 -20 per year, this way you will always own that name and you will, it is yours unlike other free/self built platforms. Click to Register Your Domain Name
  • Hosting – We will send you a link for hosting – costs approx 4.95 per month to $9.95 per month, this is where your website is hosted, every website must have one and since you own your site you will need this, again no one can ever take it off you. The other site options as mentioned above (free but not free), (self builds that have costs monthly that you don’t own) are hosted on their platforms, so if cancelled your lose the site and have to start from scratch. We do this to protect you so you always own and control your valuable website. Click for Hosting
  • If you chose to build a list from people who access your website an Auto Responder is suggested but no a requirement, I however, highly recommend building a list so you can contact your customers, promoting offers, services and building rapport with them. Click Here for an Auto-Responder Service (you will own the list you grow)

We make the process and simply as possible, gathering limited  and only essential information, along with your hosting and domain details which is as simple as forwarding your email and we will set it all up.

Your website will be ready and delivered to you within 2 weeks, ready for you to add your written content, images and videos. And, if you need help with that we can customize a plan for you.

If you require additional content, search engine optimization we offer all of those services as we at Traffic Rush SEO are a full marketing agency. While we can add and make changes as and when your budget allows, but your website is the first step to for your marketing and online presence.

Please fill in the attached form and tell us more about the website goals and we will provide you with a price for a beautiful done for your website starting from the affordable price of $1497.

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