what can a new seo earn man looking for salary

What Can a Beginner SEO Earn?

What Can a Beginner SEO Earn?

You’re considering a career in search engine optimization but your wondering what an SEO earns? Income is an important factor for any career change but checking out the demand is equally important before you invest in your training. So let’s take a look at the demand and what can a beginner SEO earn.

what can a new seo earn man looking for salary

Demand for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic for online and offline businesses. While some business owners were quick to hire seo experts to help their marketing campaigns the majority of businesses are  quickly loosing ground either because they don’t understand what seo is or how it can benefit their business. And, as audiences increasingly use devices to search for products and services the gap between those that will succeed or fail in business is rapidly growing.
As a result search optimization specialists will be in demand as they replace old marketing strategies with seo – optimizing websites for search engines, creating optimized content, link building, analytics, social media and a myriad of working behind the scene.

What Can an SEO Earn?

Millions of people use the internet everyday which is completely changing the face of business and the way business market to their customers, which means the demand for SEO Specialists is growing. The salary range for this position varies on your range of skills, whether you work freelance or employed and many other factors.
Besides other variables the education of an seo specialists in itself is quite unique. Unlike most traditional career paths optimization specialists typically learn their skills online. Once they have the foundation optimization specialists are life long learners who are immersed in their craft adding current skills so they can quickly adjust marketing strategies evolve. change quickly. To give an exact number on an average salary would be difficult so let’s look at some basic factors to give idea of earnings.

Beginner SEO Specialists Income

SEO Specialists just entering the field can expect to earn around $54,250 to $67,000 per year, as reported in The 2013 Creative Group Salary Guide. In the beginner stages some SEO Specialists may work for an agency in collaboration with other media team members on website content, social media, branding, analytics. While others may be the sole seo expert hired by a single small business. Whatever your position it’s important to stay current, increase your skill set such as using writing tools to improve content and software to measure and sort data. This may serve to increase earnings significantly.

Mid-Level Salary Expectations

Mid level SEO Specialists can expect to earn $67,750 to $91,000 per year according to the same salary guide from The Creative Group. (Increasing in 2018) Specialists have more freedom to work independently, lead a teams in a collaborative effort or work as a freelancer as they are confident in understanding website architecture, analyzing data, measuring competition and have the ability to adjust according to this data. Monster.com reports that there will be bright spots in the job market for marketing professionals, media agencies including SEO.

Consultant/Freelance Pay Scale

SEO consultants have the ability to earn top incomes, some agencies report multi million annual earnings managed with a small team. While freedom and time is a motivator for some freelancers they can earn in excess of $200,000-$300,000+ annually either performing search engine marketing for clients or creating their own websites. However with specialization, you can demand higher fees.

SEO Specialization/the SEO Entrepreneur

SEO Specialist embarking on their career path may start as a generalist but as they develop their skills and hone their interests they may decide to specialize in a niche or opt to put their skills to work for themselves as an entrepreneur.

There are a number of niches to consider in marketing – client consulting, e-Commerce,  affiliate marketing, content, branding, website development, social media and of course using your skills to start your own businesses. In any business path you choose just learning the basics of seo will help put you ahead of the competition.

So Back to the Question of What Does and SEO Earn

While there are many ranges and factors you are likely here because you are curious about beginning a career as an SEO and, you want to know what you can potentially earn. Since there is not a one size fits all answer to this hot career path consider the range between $54,250 to $108,000 USD per year depending on skills set and location.

If you decide this is a path for you, choose a good mentor, keep adding to your skills. Note: since the time of writing this article salaries will have likely changed to reflect 2018 SEO earning.


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