What is Search Engine Optimization

The Benefits of SEO and Digital Media for Business

While we know many people have heard the words “seo” which is the acronym for search engine optimization it can seem a little daunting for those who don’t really know what it is and how it can benefit their business. Here is an overview of seo in the simplest terms to help you understand why we use it and how essential it is in today’s world of marketing for business.

In the past businesses advertised in the phone book, yellow pages and local newspapers, the world of marketing has evolved now people use their smart phone and laptops to search for everything they want, from spas, dentist, plumbers, roofer’s, products they would like to buy from stores as well as online.

With the touch of the keypad they “Google it” and whoever appears first in the search results has instant authority and trust as they are assumed to be the best as they appeared top in the search engines and as a result usually they are most likely to get the business. So if your business is not appearing top in the searches you will lose you prospective customers to your competition.  That does not mean they offer a better or service it’s simply that they have the online exposure to get found.

What is SEO for Business?

In a nut-shell search engine experts get you placed on the first page of Google where you need to be found to get the leads to grow your business and revenue. SEO marketing experts are well versed in understanding exactly what Google and other large search engine require to get you ranked top on the first page so you can be found easily when people search for particular products and services.

This is very valuable online real estate and to get you this top online exposure  there are a set of criteria that needs to be met in order to get you ranked highly in Google. To place you in front of your prospects search engines marketing expert use a set of strategies including an optimized website, which is user-friendly, mobile responsive as part of your marketing process. This is the beginning to creating your online presence for business. In addition relevant quality content, videos and images are included. Carefully placed for both the visitor as well as optimized for the search engines algorithm to read.

Seo for your business may also require branding or updating your brand id you don’t already have one, social media so you can connect and share business new and build a relationship with your audience as this is how people connect. Building an email list is also essential, once you gather your customer’s information you will have the opportunity to grow a valuable list that no one can take from you. You can email your customers to keep them up to date on what’s new in your industry, offer them specials and keep your relationship growing. Customers appreciate you have remembered them and they weren’t a one time sale, as a result you will come first to mind and you build a loyal client base.

There are may things that search engine experts do behind the scenes, it is a full-time job, but the goal is that everything we do is geared to getting your business online exposure, so you can grow and expand your business. And, as a result increasing your return on investment.

At Traffic Rush SEO we offer customized services to benefit small, medium and International businesses. Search engine optimization has replaced old methods of marketing, instead of redundant phone books and ads we get you ranked in Google, placing you in front of the people who are looking for you. We drive leads to your business. Just take a look at the pie chart below as an example of how people search for businesses on their devices. Also keep in mind these statistics are changing by the minute as more and more people use their laptops and smart phones to perform searches globally.

Helping you get more customers with SEO
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SEO Get Exposure and Drives Leads

Traffic is like oxygen to your website, these leads feeds your business. While this process takes a little patience, when done properly you can begin to see results your website climb the ranks in Google until you’re optimally placed for maximum exposure. Once you have leads flowing to your business you are free to focus on the work you do best; offering your products and services and while converting your leads into paying customers. New customers also bring friends, family members and referrals. This is where you get to grow and enjoy the rewards of your business.

What to Expect Working With an SEO Expert?

SEO experts know what they are doing, however not all search engine optimization companies are equal. While some have basic and limited cookie cutter training, up to date experts use cutting edge strategies, typically perform all of their work in-house and are dedicated to providing premiere service.

Traffic Rush SEO belongs to an elite Mastermind group who gather, test and share the very latest marketing strategies. When you work with us we require business owners to fill out a discovery form, this help us learn about your business, what your goals are and to see if we are a good fit to work together. While we would lie to help everyone, we simply cannot, as we personally handle and manage the optimization process for maximum results. Once we have your current information however much or little it gives us a starting point, from there we run a website analysis (and if you don’t have a site no problem, we can help you with that).

We consider you goals and discuss your basic understanding of seo. We don’t expect you to know how seo works, but what we want you to know is that optimization for your website to get you ranked top in Google takes time and a marketing budget. There are websites that have held the valuable space top in Google so it only makes sense that it takes time to get into Google’s good graces and get you placed in the those positions; as a result we rarely work with start-ups or inexperienced business owners who need fast results because solid long-term marketing simply doesn’t wort that way, and if anyone tells you it does, beware. While they may have some black hat marketing “tricks” those same tricks will get caught and get you removed from Google very quickly with little chance of getting back. And those companies will have taken the money and run and won’t be there to back you. But if you understand successful marketing takes patience for longevity and good standing and plan to be in business for the long haul we encourage you to apply.

Every business needs a marketing budget, instead of spending money on Google AdWords, Yellow pages and newspaper ads your budget will be redirected towards optimization your website for speed for your visitor and Google’s requirements, including quality relevant content, video creation, social media, mobile friendly applications and whatever is required to maximize your marketing exposure.

As marketing experts our goal is to get you exposure in front of the people who are looking for you, by taking you from being lost in the crowd to first place positions in your business arena. There are other methods we use and we do a lot of work in the background, monitoring links, fixing broken, adding new and more technical things you don’t need to worry about. At Traffic Rush that is our job, freeing so you can focus on growing your business.

The next steps ins to have you fill in the Discovery form so we can see how we can help you and if we a fit we can move forward.

As we work with limited businesses in specific industries we suggest taking a few minutes to answer the Discovery Form Application. Whether you are a new existing business we will be happy to see how we can help and at least give you a free analysis to provide you with actionable tips you can implement right now and get you on the path to marketing your business with seo.

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